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Lady Tea Classic

Lady Tea Classic

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Country of Origin: Taiwan Net Weight: 5 grams Batch: 2022D01LOT (sold out and waiting for next year's batch)

|Lady Tea| 

Also known as Oriental Beauty Tea, it is a representative of Taiwan's special tea. It is specially selected from the Qingxinda tea tree variety. Its elegant and unique floral fragrance, and the tender parts of the buds and leaves have high sweetness, which is especially attractive to small green leafhoppers. suck

It produces a natural and special honey aroma. After the production process of re-fermented oolong tea, it presents a unique aroma of nectar. In addition, Taiwan's unique method of frying greens and suffocating yellow leaves produces a ripe fruit flavor.

It has both an elegant and rich aroma and a long-lasting charm, just like a Lady from the East, elegant, sweet and outstanding.

|The source of fragrance of LADY TEA|

|Classic beauty, produced in the tea estate of Zeng, a first-level production area

|Miaoli Tonggong production area, District D
|Land area: 0.52 hectares
|Wind direction: the first half of the year - southeast wind; the second half of the year - southwest wind
|Humidity: 72%
|Tree Species: Green Heart
|Best harvest season: May
|Annual production quantity: 15 kg

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