Brand Concept

TSENG'S Zeng's Tea

Specially selected from the first-class tea producing area - Zeng's Tea Manor
A complete presentation of Miaoli Tongluo Mountain Forest

{wind} {water} {earth} {ecosystem }

Inherited 132 years of tea making skills
Only in the same production area can we produce TSENG'S TEA with different flavors and unique flavors
Hope to experience the natural smell and taste feast through "drinking tea"

Five characteristics

" Single Region "
(The taste of different seasons in the same production area is also different)

" Made in small quantities - only 50g for 100 tea trees "
(The harvesting standard is high, even if the cost is high, it must be
carefully selected)

" The tea maker independently adjusts the roasted tea formula in batches "
(According to the characteristics of each batch of tea, a suitable roasted tea formula is formulated)

"Non-toxic organic"
(The highest food grade SGS pesticide-free certificate, and hygienic packaging in organic packaging plants)

" Natural fruity fragrance "
(No fragrance is added during the manufacturing process, but it can present a strong floral and fruity aroma)

Meet the above characteristics to become TSENG'S TEA - drinkable tea fragrance