Production area introduction

What is a Premier Region?

There are 12,360 hectares of tea gardens in Taiwan

Only 2% of manors meet the first-level production area!

What is the place of origin?

Origin , which represents the quality of a piece of soil, terroir and climate and other conditions, delineates a specific area and produces a unique local character.

Terroir , "Terroir" is a concept derived from France. A production area with special terroir conditions must be an area with a specific range, because the natural environment of this area, through local special planting, cultivation and traditional production, produces Products that are different from other places and have local flavors.

| Origin of Miaoli Tonggong|

The production area of ​​Miaoli Tongluo has a unique terroir . It is a hilly land surrounded by mountains and terraces. The air humidity exceeds 70% 295 days a year, and the annual average temperature is 22 degrees. The extremely fertile soil is formed in a hot and rainy environment. The soil is sticky. High in nature, rich in iron and aluminum oxides, the tea trees grown in this kind of soil, the tea produced is intertwined with elegant floral and fruity aroma and thick tea body.

There are 310 days of 3-level breeze and 1,100 hours of sunshine throughout the year. The roots of the tea trees are strong, and the veins contain strong aroma factors. The irrigation water source of Xihu Stream, the farmland with an annual rainfall of 2,000 mm, is used again for irrigation through the water cycle. The leaching of the soil requires the addition of suitable organic matter. In addition to increasing the trace elements of the tea tree, it can also store the carbon dioxide in the air in the soil for thousands of years through the carbon sequestration effect, achieving carbon neutrality in the environment and preserving the sustainable local terroir A tea estate in a first-level production area.